I’ve written a couple posts the last couple weeks but none I feel comfortable posting. This happens every February… Chrissy gets sappy, sentimental and uneasy. I know this and luckily because I know this- it makes float through my feelings a little better. I think its a couple things that do me in each year.

  • Holidays. I eat too much. Spend too much. Drive too much. Think too much.
  • New Year’s. I always make a resolution and in turn: break it. Such a bummer.
  • Diabetes anniversary/My birthday. As the two days are next to each other, I feel both days very closely together.

See? Sappy, sentimental and uneasy. Sorry folks. I have been a huge grump with Matt lately and I wasn’t quite sure were to pinpoint my anger. And then, something happened this weekend. And I got it. And then got over it. Good grief, I love that man. Just when I think my fire is starting to cool down it heats up again.

(I’ll try to write more. Sorry. Just appreciate I didn’t torture you with my Valentine’s day post. BO-ring.)


I have a renewed sense of blogging this year. I am going to keep up with it. NOT because I feel obligated but because I LIKE TO! And even though it might be a new year- I am going to post in an old way. LIST POST TIME!

  • Ella turns five this next week and I’m having a rough time with it. A really rough time. Tomorrow we are going to go to a kindergarten meeting to figure out which school we are going to send her to. I get heart palpitations just thinking about it. Really? Grade School? Putting my baby on a bus? Ugh, bleck. Let’s never speak of this topic again.
  • Ella got some body wash a while ago. I finally pulled it out in the bathroom the other day. I read the back of the soap and instantly banned in from being used. It said “Prolonged use can cause URINARY TRACT DISCOMFORT”. Yeah, just what ever young girl needs. Am I just being a fussbutt?
  • Speaking of bathroom supply labels- I needed to buy deodorant a couple weeks ago and the cheapest deodorant was Teen Spirit. I just grabbed one of them and now every time I put deodorant on I giggle. The scent is POP STAR which I can’t say I have ever desired to smell like and on the cap it has a little excited blurb, “Stylish and Hip!”. Yep, that’s right. Not only do I smell like Britney Spears, my bathroom is more stylish because of Teen Spirit. All for two dollars.

Hi Everyone! Since my sister JENNY, and I are so super good at keeping up at our blogs (sarcasm) we decided to create another one! TRIAL AND ERRORhas been in production for a few weeks and trucking along smoothly. Since Jenny and I live forever apart- we find that we don’t always find time to tell each other about everyday trail and errors in our lives. SO WE MADE A BLOG! DUN DUN DUN!

After I am done with this blog I will be writing the conclusion to my trial of buying prescription glasses on line. COME ON OVER!

This weekend was pretty amazing. Halloween was really fun. Ella was a fairy from the new Tinkerbell movie- Rosetta (because the costume was pink- where the Tinkerbell costume was green). We went to my cousins house for dinner and treatin’ around the neighborhood. My goodness, her two boys were/are adorable! Ella had a blast and really only had a couple pieces of candy that night! I’ll try to get some pictures up of Ella and Ziggy (he was a bee!) tonight.

I canvassed with Matt’s organization on Saturday while Ella went to her best friends house for the day. For anyone who doesn’t know what canvassing is- it is basically door to door organizing. Organizations canvass for environmental causes, local causes and in Matt’s job case- political organizing. I walked all day reminding people to vote for Barack Obama and Al Franken for Minnesota’s Senate race. Canvassing is tough- you have to get creative when you need to pee, and alot of people are very rude at the doors. Please be cool with a canvasser if they come to your door. They are just doing their job!

I am nervous about tomorrow and really excited. We will see what happens with the race. To tell you the truth- I am probably looking more forward to having my husband around again than anything else. He has been so absorbed in this race both professionally and personally he is going to have to do some Political Detox after Tuesday. And while I don’t know who is going to win this election- I do know I can handle anything that happens tomorrow with Matt by my side.


I have something I need to address. I have noticed it before and I need to bring it up. I am a pretty big lady- and recently bought some big lady underwear. Why do underwear companies think that just because someone has a big ass that it means they have a big crotch? The crotch in these underwear are out of control and uncomfortable! The first time I notice this oddity was a few years ago when some feminine products company tried to market Plus Size pads. BIG HUGE PADS for BIG HUGE CROTCHES. Thank goodness they are off the market now. If anything- plus size women have smaller crotches because of our big thighs. Maybe Oprah can fund a Public Service Annoucement about the offensive size of Plus Size underwear crotches. This cannot go on any longer. Really, its a discrimination of our crotches. Thank you- I hope my big lady crotch post was scary enough for the holiday.

Dear America, I am sorry this yahoo got elected to office in Minnesota and her dumbass comments make national news. While I know MInnesotans have a penchant for kooky picks like Jesse Ventura and Al Franken, Michelle Bachmann is unacceptable and outrageous. BUT ON a light note- watch this video of Michelle Backman loving on W hardcore. She’s ewwy.

Our house got broken into on Wednesday and its been one of those crazy weeks that life occasionally tosses at me. Its all good. I’m kind of over the whole deal at this point.. No one was harmed. It happened to be one of the 2 percent chance the front door was left unlocked. We never use the front door except to get mail and so its normally not unlocked. BUT Wednesday it was and someone/people hung around in our house digging and messing up every corner of our house and walked out with a hand full of change, a couple broken IPODS that I didn’t know how to dispose, an Xbox 360, a couple games and movies and possibly Matt’s identity. Ella was very thankful that they didn’t take any of her stuff or Ziggy’s. Being robbed is a really icky feeling. It also felt so bad having cops search through my house with their guns out because we weren’t sure that the perps were even gone yet. They were.

We spent the next day calling credit cards, and credit agencies and banks together. The first thing I did that next day was wash everything on my bed. I doubt they even looked at the bed but I needed something in my space that wasn’t tampered with.

So, i guess the point is if someone tries to sell you an IPOD shuffle that says “Matt IPOD the second” or “Matt IPOD III”— It’s broken. Don’t buy it.

WhewHoo! Time for a back alley rally! I don’t know what that means! Two posts in two days! Exclamation points are back in style!

I am feeling its another bulletpointy kind of day…

  • Actually made dinner last night. Granted it was only baked cod and sweet potato fries. I’m just telling you guys this so Child Protection doesn’t get called for child abuse by overusing cold cereal.
  • We even had oatmeal this morning- which is hot cereal not cold. If anything I am nearly UNDERusing cold cereal.
  • Ella’s teacher told me this morning Ella is the only kid who knows what a compost bin is and who the president is and who is running for president. By the way- Ella is one of those bitter Hilary Clinton supporters. She can’t quite get on board with Obama.
  • We are having construction being done at work. Not ONE construction worker is cute. Bummer.
  • I found a little duck magnet and stuck in on our IN/OUT board at work. I write a little thought bubble above it everyday for the last couple weeks. Today I wrote, “QUACKERS AND CHEESE” I am running out of things to write.

Well it seems my readers are getting nasty these days with the infrequent posting SO I am going to post on a Monday night. First time folks. First time.

  • I should totally make dinner right? It’s 5:30 and Matt is working late… that means I should make dinner? I don’t really want to because I ate some ginger snaps a while ago and kids can go without dinner right? I am just going to feed HER ginger snaps… …all right, you have a point… I’m convinced. I’ll whip up some cold cereal after the post.
  • I did something kind of super awesome this weekend! I fixed a big plumbing issue under my sink. First of all, it started with one leak and as I fixed that I got two more leaks. But after three trips to Home Depot and hours of googling kitchen sink plumbing issues I got it!! WOOT WOOT! I think I am changing professions!
  • I have a huge red maple out my window. It is beautiful.
  • Ella got invited today to an exclusive Build a Bear birthday party where only 2 girls where picked from her class. Yeah!  I’m raising the “in” kid! What’s next- getting backstage to see Hannah Montana? I hope so.
  • I ate a half of a roasted acorn squash on Saturday and got a stomach ache. If anyone wants the recipe let me know.
  • Is this a big enough post? Is Casey someone going to get all sassafrassy on my ass? Have I told you guys how Ella asked me what ASS means?  Is this post weird enough? I have a feeling it is? I’ll try to post another tomorrow? Question marks are the new exclamation point?

I did something very special this last week. For two reasons. I finished a tube of chapstick. First of all this was my first time ever actually getting to the bottom of the tube. Normally I: lose it, wash it, drop it, gross it up. This was a nice clean tube until the end. Secondly, and much harder to do- I kept it off of Ella’s mouth for its entire lifespan. I don’t know why it bothers me but I hate having toddler spit and goo on my chapstick and little girls are obsessed with the shit. I basically had to apply the chapstick under cloak and dagger…. but it was worth it.

Have you noticed I am not going into apologizing for such a vacant period of blogs? I will not apologize. Life gets busy. Sorry.

Things are going quite well here. Ella used her Jedi powers to convince me this morning to stay home because she’s sick. Turns out she is actually quite well. Honestly, I had a very little will power this morning and her cough is very sickly sounding. I’m hoping this day proves to be what she needs to actually not get sick(er).

So, question of the day. Is it quite lame to take a long hiatus from blogging and come back with one about a tube of chapstick?

One Liners:

Mom of a four year old. In love with a (very cute) dork. Progressive and hopeful. Lived in three states in three years, currently a Minneapolite (polite indeed, ever heard of "Minnesota nice"?.) Diabetic for eleven years. Close to family and friends despite having to drive to Kansas (and beyond) to see them. Writer and artist of non-prolific proportions. Married for insurance purposes. Crafty in more ways than one. Believe in working for a purpose. Tendency to get into obsessive kicks about stupid shit. Love a good poop and fart joke (okay, I love bad one's too). Have a bad habit of being awkward and chronically leave weird messages on people's answering machines.